Slimesunday is a moniker that is not supposed to make any sense or have some profound hidden meaning behind it. Its a random incidental title I gave myself in late 2014 while watching an old Eminem interview.

Howard Stern : Is your Dad trying to get in touch with you since you've had some success? 

Eminem : I've heard... I've heard that he's trying to get in touch with me. I think he lives in LA, somewhere in California. I've heard he's trying to get in touch with me but I really don't want to see him. 

Howard Stern : I heard he changed his name to Slim Shady.

Eminem  : Slimesunday. 

The "choose username" field was blank and Slimesunday was the last thing I heard. It was really just a space filler at the time.  

Whats the point...

The goal from day one has always been to create something; To occupy a blank page with some idea before I fall asleep. If that day I've created nothing, then I won't fall asleep because there is this overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. If there is something there, I wake up the next day ready to repeat the cycle. I have created a situation for myself in which the only way to sleep is to create something before the day ends. It doesn't make sense but it's how I've come to operate on a daily basis. It's more or less an obsession that has taken over my life but in many ways this obsession does not deserve any negative connotation.